Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Midwinter Jerseys

Dear Reader,
Here in Nelson we are still having some fine sunny days, ideal for biking, but winter is just around the corner, and with this in mind, I have introduced three new winter jerseys. The jerseys are embroidered and if you are interested in high visibility, have a look at the high vis yellow jersey with royal blue chest panel, collar and cuffs. The electric blue jersey is also very visible and the ink jersey with ruby collar, cuffs and chest panel is a very retro look. The high vis yellow and electric blue jerseys are made witha 270gm merino ideal for cold weather, and the ink/ruby jerseys are in my usual 240gm merino, also great for colder weather. Prices are $185 each.
Have a good winter out on the bike.
Rosemary Weir
Aspiring Cyclewear